Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Post: Caroline Springs Driving Adventure (feat. Huong)

We made it. All the way to Caroline Springs.

With Maddie driving, Iain supervising...

and Huong making sarcastic comments from the rear.

There is so much to do and see in Caroline Springs. We were overwhelmed.

Iain and Huong were particularly excited about the shopping centre, aptly named csquare.

Full Breakfast Menu at Arse's Place??!? Unfortunately, we went on a Friday. And it didn't open for lunch until 12. We got there at 11. So we went to...

Glorious Gloria Jeans!

To show our support for Mercy Ministries and their lesbian conversion camps. Iain is thinking about applying.

We followed all their rules.

Had stimulating conversations.

Had a really good time. With really good hair.

Even conducted some business calls.

Lisa loved her orange mocha frappachino so much she threw it all over the cafe.

Caroline Sings.

Carol Sings.

We picked out a block of land for our future house.

Tennis courts over there...

And swimming pool and bondage basement over there.

Some people refer to Caroline Springs as heaven on earth.
There sure ain't any water restrictions in Caroline Springs that's for sure.

Until next time, this has been Iain and Maddie's First Driving Adventure. Toot Toot!

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Lynny said...

Heehee Hey Iain with two eyes, this was very entertaining while I lie in my sick bed :) Looking fwd to the nxt instalment!